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Do you receive calls from unknown numbers, and you don’t want to talk with callers who you don’t recognize? Or some strange phone numbers bother your children? There is a solution to this problem. With the help of new technologies, you can track some vital information about the caller using only his or her number. There are several ways to do this. Read about them below.

While it’s not easy to find a public cell phone directory, it can be done. You have a number of tools at your disposal to find out who owns a cell phone number or find someone’s business or personal number. There are two types of cell phone number lookup sites. The first type lets you find a number by looking for other details you have about the person who has been calling. The second type is a reverse phone number search, where you can enter the number to see whom it’s registered to.

Even though using Phonebook Search Operator was convenient for many people, it caused problems for both the people searching and Google employees. There was the constant issue of people being outraged after finding that their phone number and other information was public. With this, Google employees had to deal with angry letters and takedown requests on a regular basis, which was time-consuming and draining.

All someone had to do was enter the person’s name and address information, and they were able to see the person’s phone number (if available). With the discontinuing of this service, many phone number lookup free and paid services came about.

To find out who a phone number belongs to for free or even to trace phone number owner, do the following:

Visit using your computer or smartphone web browser. Enter a phone number to find the person’s name and address. After entering the person and /or business name, simply hit the enter key or search button to reveal the phone number you’re seeking.

A sample of the result page looks like this. Listings will appear next to a telephone icon. If you need more results, simply click on the link directly above the phone icon and you will be directed to the Residential Phone Book page.

If a free reverse phone number lookup with Google doesn’t turn up the results you were looking for, you can always use a paid service.

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